Thinking Thursday

“Jesus and I agreed to see other people, but that don’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time.”

Thank you, The Management.

This is exactly the strategy I use to accomplish any task or overcome any obstacle. I am overwhelmed with butterfly hearts to see it so perfectly and simply written by such a great author.
It seems so natural to be able to employ this concept of breaking down but when we are entrenched in a moment of crisis or indecision, nothing could seem farther from possible. Whether it is cleaning out my fridge, planning out a party or helping a friend through a tough time, I think about the whole and then instantly my mind begins to divide. People, places and things. Condiments, drinks, vegetables etc.
Once I begin to see the smaller parts I can put things in their place and accomplish that task. Before you know it, all those small things end up as a completed whole.
When we set out to accomplish the whole from the start, things can get messy, overwhelming and frustrating. Instead of cleaning out the entire fridge at once, I break it down and say, “now I will tackle the door of condiments.” Section by section things come together and the project moves along faster rather than ripping everything out and trying to put it all back at once.
But in order to get to the point of a small and manageable finish, you first have to get started. Indecision is paralyzing. Making any move, even in the wrong direction, often leads to results faster than not moving at all. Frequently I have seen people paralyzed because they keep envisioning the whole. The whole leads them to nothing. The parts lead to movement. Start small and move, the rest will follow.
Divide and conquer. True in war, true in life management.
But maybe this is just true of me. Of my style. It probably alludes to my clear career as a stealth secret agent. Snicker not my friends. Next time it could be you I find on my list…
Just kidding.

Boondock Babble. Take One

I recently had the desire to buy a journal/diary.I’ve been having thoughts. Not that having thoughts is new, just having the need to write them as they come to me.

The feeling to write down my thoughts, becomes increasingly more urgent as I ignore it. Almost prohibiting me from moving on to the next thought if I don’t get this one out. Solution said my brain. Write these little nagging thoughts down in a diary. Wait. What are you, twelve? Did you want a Lisa Frank dolphin on the front?

Maybe. What of it?  Journal, it’s what adults call diaries. That’s what I need!

But then I thought, why bother with a journal that no one will read for the next possible 100 years? (Btw 100 years is the mark of historical interest in my mind. Don’t try to understand.)

Why journal when I can blog? So, here it is. My stream of conscience. My thoughts as they come to me. Although writing this introduction has somewhat diminished the urgency to express this next sentiment. Damn my ever ending need for chronology and order!

Ok. Here is the real thought:
I am disliking television more and more. Even as I watch a show claiming favorite status I am suddenly over come with the urge to turn off the television and run to bed and open a book.
Why might this be occurring? Hmmm.
1. Because its winter. Dark too early causing more indoor downtime. This is due to my hatred of cold.
2. Lack of exercise. Lucy has a weird paw issue that has been causing a limp after a walk or run. For the past month we have been on a rest to help heal. But this means my once daily walks no longer are happening. Sad face.
3. Television is mundane. Repetition and frequency of programming are causing brain boredom.

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you feeling the TV blues too? Or is this just random thought that only I am experiencing? Share. I need feedback to feel normal.


3D, it’s not what you think…

When I think of Archery, I think of this.

Targets, circles that you try to aim at, Legolas…

 So, when my husband and BFF asked me to come watch while they practiced shooting their bows, (Remember…Boondoocks. Fun is in the eye of the beholder) I of course was interested.

Maybe this is something I could get into? Maybe I’ll be inspired and finally build that upper arm muscle that I have been lacking for all of my life…

“Great! We are going to shoot the 3 D targets, you’ll love it!” said my husband

“OM, I bet I will love it! Like avatar, right? Do you have to wear glasses? It’s probably like that golf things where you hit your ball on a screen. I could totally get into this! It’s like an interactive movie! I love movies!”

I thought all of that. I was, in fact, convinced that this would be just like a hopped up video game experince. Take that Wii!

And then…


This is what I saw.

Do you understand what I am talking about?

I was expecting, glasses, dark room, major screen with digital images. And then this is what I walked into…

To make matters worse, my compatriots seemed undisturbed…

They just suited up, like this was all normal.

Who are you people? More importantly, who am I? Where am I? What has happened? What kind of freakshow is this? Oh. MY. GOD! Is that a dinosaur? I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY!

No one said anything. I was stunned into silence.

This is my husband’s idea of a 3D shooting!!!??!!

I mean, I could have been warned! People could have alluded to and sent signals such as, “When I say 3D I mean like not on a TV, as in a room with life size animal things that you shoot.”

Would that have been so hard? Huh? Really?

I think they both rather enjoyed themselves, seeing my gaping face and wide eyes. They wanted this reaction. Sly and shady people. They gave nothing away!

On the bright side, I think this means they would make excellent spies and possibly we could be a future Mission Impossible/Charlie’s Angles type group.

I’m looking in movie rights as we speak.

So there it is peeps. Broaden your minds and definitions. And avoid gaping in public.


Betsy is my new best friend…

Episode 3 of Boondock Pioneer: Cooking on the Fringe

Searching through the “precious” I found a recipe that grabbed me instantly…


Because it told you to drink wine while cooking this dish. With direction like that, how could I go wrong?

So this recipe is from the Pioneer Woman’s sister, Betsy.

Betsy and I are now BFF’s. She doesn’t know this yet. I have full confidence she  will accept this new status and continue to give me delicious food plans. Go Betsy!

So the recipe is called, Penne alla Betsy. It is a wonderful little tomato cream sauce number that incorporates shrimp and penne. And wine. Mostly to drink but a little for the sauce.

So here is a visual process…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes. Delightful. Delicious. Delovely (rock on Cole. I heart you foreves)

If you can, make this. Super worth it!

Boondock Pioneer Episode 3 = wild success


Honey Butter. It’s real.

Episode 2 of Boondock Pioneer: Cooking on the Fringe

Buttermilk Biscuits and Fried Chicken.

You may know that I have a slight obsession with all things Southern. People like my sister know this to be true. This is evident by the fact that she bought me this for Xmas:

And then was smothered by endless screams of joy. Ahhh, memories…

My Southern fascination has of course led my decision in choosing Buttermilk Biscuits and Fried Chicken as my first dinner recipe from my Precious, The Pioneer Woman Cookbook. See yesterday’s post for clarification

Here, courtesy of my Nikon 1 J1 is the evidence of my Biscuit and Chicken challenge

1. Make biscuits and bake them. Make HONEY BUTTER!!!! to put on biscuits

2. Make more because they were suppose to be for dinner

3. Fry Chicken with Becca the assistant

4. Revel in the glory of Southern yummness