My name is Lauren. I love healthy eating and green living but I also will scarf a pizza right after I drive an hour to Sephora for absolutely nothing. I want to be frugal and buy only what is necessary…and then I hit T.J. Maxx. I will watch a Ken Burn’s documentary right after I finish Clueless. Ya get the picture.
Perpetual child of the 90’s. Still wishing that I could lay around watching Are Afraid of the Dark while eating dunkaroos on summer vacation. Had I but known what adulthood would bring…
Also I am slightly OCD. I have an unnatural love of cleaning that seems to benefit most people that know me. It’s both my gift and my curse.
“I met a man, I loved him, I married him” and then I committed to a life at the edge of civilization! My husband is overwhelmed in a Target. How could he love anywhere but the boondocks?
I am living in the last place in America to not accept debit cards or have Chinese delivery. Seriously. I love the options and ease of city life but I have really grown to love the sweet life of a small village here in the backwoods.
This blog is home to my random thoughts, likes, wants, wishes and memories. Hope you enjoy.


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