Summer reading

About a year ago I discover a great app for listening to books through my smart phone.

Audible is an amazon company that allows for audio books to be purchased and downloaded onto your computer or mobile device.


I consistently have been pleased by this service. No longer tethered to a room to hear the computer or radio, I am able to listen to a book all day while moving from task to task and location to location.

Shower, kitchen, laundry, grocery shopping, gym, walk, cooking…..

And I never have to stop listening! I give this big hearts. I highly recommend you giving it a shot. Bring literature everywhere!

In the past I might have tv on as background noise while I clean or cook but now I find that the poor old guy hardly gets action. I get sucked into a story and find myself looking for more tasks to accomplish to keep me active and listening. It’s been a great motivator. Last summer it was the driving force that kept me on my house painting goal. Seriously.

I still read regular books at night or when I am relaxing or in a place where headphones are generally considered rude. I could never abandon my paper lovelies! But I do have to say that audible has increased the volume of works I’m able to consume. And it is a great way to listen to non-fiction or classics that might otherwise be a little dry or lengthy. I tend to struggle through books of that nature but I have had good experiences with them using Audible. For instance, Little Women by Lousia May Alcott. I love the story but have always fallen short when reading the entire novel. I could never get through the whole thing with out picking up something else. However listening to it I had great success and was really able to enjoy the story!

That is my share for today. Read long and prosper.



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