Pinterest. I heart you.

Since I have joined Pinterest I believe I have become a better person. Yes, you’re reading me right. Pinterest makes me better. Or at least it soothes the shopping addiction I so clearly battle (see my closet and credit card bills for further confirmation) and makes me think more critically about how I coordinate my outfits.

It most certainly has helped my photography skills. Making me almost worthy of my sweet ass camera. If you need a reminder of my unworthiness see here. Sadly friends most of what I have mastered photographing is food and my dog. I have no real problem with this as I heart both but I shall spare you the redundancy of “Lucy looking left” and “Lucy looking right.”

Along with awesome photo-taking and outfit assembly it inspires me to try a little more than average on hair and make up. Granted most of that trying happens on the weekends with infinite time and ends with an interesting interpretation that makes me feel a little special as I head to my exotic weekend plans of grocery shopping and washing the car.

Be jealous. You wish you were so cool. How many people can say they spent an hour of their weekend doing a braid hairdo for the grocery store? Exaclty.

So Pinterest is my lover and is making me better one pin at a time.

Are you a Pinterest Addict? Do you know of the love I speak? Are you too becoming a better accessorized version of you?

End Pinterest commercial love.



2 thoughts on “Pinterest. I heart you.

  1. Darling! So good to have you back in the blogisphere. Missed you! I’m back too with a new blog – had to take a break, things were getting stale. How are you? Hope summer is going well. Glad to see you are enjoying Pinterest. I have yet to drink the Pinterest cool-aide (ade?) but I see why everyone is so jazzed about it. I know I’d get addicted and should probably just stay away. Love the new picture at the blog header darling, divine! Need another GNO and soon.
    PS: “You’re so smart, you know everything.” 🙂

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