The calzone, the birthday and the husband

Episode 4 of Boondock Pioneer: Cooking on the Fringe

My husband had a birthday coming up. For about a week and a half before I would periodically ask, “What would you like to do for dinner on your birthday?”

“I don’t know.”


These three words are the bane of my existence. I am a person who firmly believes in making decisions. Even if they are wrong. In the time it takes to correct a wrong decision and move to the right one, my husband is still contemplating his first move.  I.Don’t.Know.=paralysis

Needless to say the day of the birthday came and no plans were made. No reservations for a favorite restaurant, no favorite foods were purchased for a special dinner at home. And then it was 5:00PM. Work was done, peeps were home and nothing was quickly becoming the name of the game.

After a last feeble attempt to extract a dinner desire I moved to plan B.

Plan B: Make what ever is out and easy.

In walks Pioneer Woman’s Cowboy Calzone!

I did not make the pizza dough as she recommends (because it was Wednesday at 5 and really, what do I have to prove?) and I used only venison sausage and did not add any ground beef. Again, it was 5pm and it takes 20 minutes for me to get to a grocery store. Not. Happening.

So I made do with what I had.

Super easy dish to whip up

Despite how not yummy this looks, once it was baked inside the dough…yum.

The cool thing about her recipe was that it made 8 mini calzones and not just one big one.

So not only was it dinner, it was also a great jump on lunches for us.

While I was making this dinner, some birthday husband was giving me side eye. Not really convinced that this was going to be what he wanted for dinner. However, since he failed to articulate his dinner desires (as they were unknown to even himself up to the moment of it being decided for him) he said nothing.

We sat down. Cut into the calzone and …


Birthday boy was wildly pleased!


So if you are feeling indecisive and don’t know what you want for dinner, try this tasty dish! It promises to please!



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