Thank you, The Management.

This is exactly the strategy I use to accomplish any task or overcome any obstacle. I am overwhelmed with butterfly hearts to see it so perfectly and simply written by such a great author.
It seems so natural to be able to employ this concept of breaking down but when we are entrenched in a moment of crisis or indecision, nothing could seem farther from possible. Whether it is cleaning out my fridge, planning out a party or helping a friend through a tough time, I think about the whole and then instantly my mind begins to divide. People, places and things. Condiments, drinks, vegetables etc.
Once I begin to see the smaller parts I can put things in their place and accomplish that task. Before you know it, all those small things end up as a completed whole.
When we set out to accomplish the whole from the start, things can get messy, overwhelming and frustrating. Instead of cleaning out the entire fridge at once, I break it down and say, “now I will tackle the door of condiments.” Section by section things come together and the project moves along faster rather than ripping everything out and trying to put it all back at once.
But in order to get to the point of a small and manageable finish, you first have to get started. Indecision is paralyzing. Making any move, even in the wrong direction, often leads to results faster than not moving at all. Frequently I have seen people paralyzed because they keep envisioning the whole. The whole leads them to nothing. The parts lead to movement. Start small and move, the rest will follow.
Divide and conquer. True in war, true in life management.
But maybe this is just true of me. Of my style. It probably alludes to my clear career as a stealth secret agent. Snicker not my friends. Next time it could be you I find on my list…
Just kidding.


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