Boondock Babble. Take One

I recently had the desire to buy a journal/diary.I’ve been having thoughts. Not that having thoughts is new, just having the need to write them as they come to me.

The feeling to write down my thoughts, becomes increasingly more urgent as I ignore it. Almost prohibiting me from moving on to the next thought if I don’t get this one out. Solution said my brain. Write these little nagging thoughts down in a diary. Wait. What are you, twelve? Did you want a Lisa Frank dolphin on the front?

Maybe. What of it?  Journal, it’s what adults call diaries. That’s what I need!

But then I thought, why bother with a journal that no one will read for the next possible 100 years? (Btw 100 years is the mark of historical interest in my mind. Don’t try to understand.)

Why journal when I can blog? So, here it is. My stream of conscience. My thoughts as they come to me. Although writing this introduction has somewhat diminished the urgency to express this next sentiment. Damn my ever ending need for chronology and order!

Ok. Here is the real thought:
I am disliking television more and more. Even as I watch a show claiming favorite status I am suddenly over come with the urge to turn off the television and run to bed and open a book.
Why might this be occurring? Hmmm.
1. Because its winter. Dark too early causing more indoor downtime. This is due to my hatred of cold.
2. Lack of exercise. Lucy has a weird paw issue that has been causing a limp after a walk or run. For the past month we have been on a rest to help heal. But this means my once daily walks no longer are happening. Sad face.
3. Television is mundane. Repetition and frequency of programming are causing brain boredom.

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you feeling the TV blues too? Or is this just random thought that only I am experiencing? Share. I need feedback to feel normal.



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