3D, it’s not what you think…

When I think of Archery, I think of this.

Targets, circles that you try to aim at, Legolas…

 So, when my husband and BFF asked me to come watch while they practiced shooting their bows, (Remember…Boondoocks. Fun is in the eye of the beholder) I of course was interested.

Maybe this is something I could get into? Maybe I’ll be inspired and finally build that upper arm muscle that I have been lacking for all of my life…

“Great! We are going to shoot the 3 D targets, you’ll love it!” said my husband

“OM, I bet I will love it! Like avatar, right? Do you have to wear glasses? It’s probably like that golf things where you hit your ball on a screen. I could totally get into this! It’s like an interactive movie! I love movies!”

I thought all of that. I was, in fact, convinced that this would be just like a hopped up video game experince. Take that Wii!

And then…


This is what I saw.

Do you understand what I am talking about?

I was expecting, glasses, dark room, major screen with digital images. And then this is what I walked into…

To make matters worse, my compatriots seemed undisturbed…

They just suited up, like this was all normal.

Who are you people? More importantly, who am I? Where am I? What has happened? What kind of freakshow is this? Oh. MY. GOD! Is that a dinosaur? I mean, seriously? SERIOUSLY!

No one said anything. I was stunned into silence.

This is my husband’s idea of a 3D shooting!!!??!!

I mean, I could have been warned! People could have alluded to and sent signals such as, “When I say 3D I mean like not on a TV, as in a room with life size animal things that you shoot.”

Would that have been so hard? Huh? Really?

I think they both rather enjoyed themselves, seeing my gaping face and wide eyes. They wanted this reaction. Sly and shady people. They gave nothing away!

On the bright side, I think this means they would make excellent spies and possibly we could be a future Mission Impossible/Charlie’s Angles type group.

I’m looking in movie rights as we speak.

So there it is peeps. Broaden your minds and definitions. And avoid gaping in public.



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