Betsy is my new best friend…

Episode 3 of Boondock Pioneer: Cooking on the Fringe

Searching through the “precious” I found a recipe that grabbed me instantly…


Because it told you to drink wine while cooking this dish. With direction like that, how could I go wrong?

So this recipe is from the Pioneer Woman’s sister, Betsy.

Betsy and I are now BFF’s. She doesn’t know this yet. I have full confidence she  will accept this new status and continue to give me delicious food plans. Go Betsy!

So the recipe is called, Penne alla Betsy. It is a wonderful little tomato cream sauce number that incorporates shrimp and penne. And wine. Mostly to drink but a little for the sauce.

So here is a visual process…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes. Delightful. Delicious. Delovely (rock on Cole. I heart you foreves)

If you can, make this. Super worth it!

Boondock Pioneer Episode 3 = wild success



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