Going where no L has gone before…

That may be a misleading title.

Technically, yes, I have not gone here before. But I’m not so much really, physically, going anywhere. It’s more of a Jedi mind-trick thing.

For Xmas one of my awesome presents from the husband was something I have coveted for more than a year. I’ve even wrote about it here, appealing to the masses to make my dream come true. Note that none of you did. What’s that say about our friendship? Hmm?

Alas, it was meant to be that the man I married would bestow the greatness upon me…

That would be the wonderful cookbook of one of my favorite bloggers

The Pioneer Woman!

This lady is the shiz nit. I am for serials.

If you know not of her, acquaint yourself. She is amazing and may just be my new American Idol.

Drooling with the precious in my hands I set off on a mission. A mini Julie-Julia project. I call it, Boondock Pioneer: cooking on the fringe. 

Here is the challenge:

Read book cover to cover – check

Make list of must try right now recipes – check

Actually make these recipes – in process…

My first recipe excursion was potato hash and the breakfast burrito. Both were met with smashing success in succession and have gone un-photographed.


Because I sort of forgot and am still getting used to the idea that I have a camera that makes picture-taking awesome. Plus, I have no real idea of how to use said camera making me slightly nervous. There will be progress.


You know, for internet friends you’re a little judgy. Just sayin’.

Next up Buttermilk Biscuits and Fried Chicken…otherwise known as straight up heaven on the rocks.

That post will be complete with photos. Otherwise known as, not this post.

See ya on the fringe!



One thought on “Going where no L has gone before…

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