Nikon 1 J1. It’s not just a camera it’s a lifestyle

Dude, I am not ready for this amount of awesome.

It’s just too much.

I literally couldn’t touch it for almost an entire day because I was too intimidated by it’s Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff crazy coolness. If you don’t know who the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff are stop reading this blog. It’s just not for you.

I mean are you seeing this? Are you?

I should not be in possession of such a piece of equipment.

I am not worthy! (shout out to my boys Wayne and Garth. Again, stop reading if you don’t get these references. They will keep happening)

I am so thankful that my husband, bless his heart, thought that I was worthy in his mind of such a birthday gift. He truly made having a December 28th birthday seem like a real June birthday! You know, the kind that isn’t sandwiched between two of the biggest global holidays, thus making it extremely impossible to ever have a normal birthday.

Yes, he accomplished that feeling by surprising me with something so wonderful and thoughtful and not a heart locket. I hate hearts. File that away for future jewelry buying reference. Hearts = Vomit.

But here is the deal. I need help. And yes, the kind with the white butterfly nets would be great but I’m talking serious here. I need camera/photo-taking skills 101. Times 10. So I can be awesome. Just like Nikon 1 J1.

They are taking about revoking my membership. Like I said, not just a camera… a lifestyle.

I really didn’t read the fine print when I said that I would love, honor and be worthy of this camera.

Help me? Give me links, youtube videos and tips on how to be base level camera cool, ‘kay? Thanks. I appreciate it.

So does Lucy. Since she is the subject of all this training…

"The sooner you help her, the sooner she stops interrupting nap time"

A plea from an already overly photographed dog.



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