No matter where I go, I keep my heart and soul in the Boondocks…

Friends, accidental internet searchers and loyal readers…lend me your ears!

Hello. It is me. I am back from outer space.

I am no mirage.

Technically speaking it wouldn’t matter if I was a mirage because you do not actually need to see me for this relationship to exist.

Just believe that I do. It’s easier.

I have returned from a semi-blog sabbatical. It was cold, dark and mid-level painful. But the light has returned to the end of my tunnel and led me straight back to you!

Aren’t you just the luckiest? Bless your hearts

I apologize for my lack of blog-awesomeness. Though I was not totally neglectful (due to my OCD nature and ability to plan several Thinking Thursdays in to the future) it has been a lack luster couple of months on the Boondock Blog. No longer will that be the case! I will never (although in all reality probably) ever be so absent from my cathartic ranting that so enhances your daily reads.

(Yes, I realize that this may/probably be a somewhat not exact truth. Roll with me people. I am only a mere mortal. Disagree and receive my undying affection)

So life this fall threw the old girl some curve balls. BIG curve balls. And desperate as  I was to catch them and through them back I instead let them knock me down. (It happens, mere mortal remember?)

That’s right. I shrugged.

Now, it may not be as catastrophic as say Altas shrugging but I like to liken myself to that club. Official t-shirt is in the mail.

I let myself wallow in  the miseries that attacked my door this autumnal season. And as a result I dropped the blogging ball. I indulged in sleep, food and general laziness.

But guys, guess what? I laze no more.

Like a phoenix, I too am rising from the ashes!

(Mock not the dramatic reference. Wait. Upon a re-read, mock on)

“I am back Jerry and loving every minute of it!”

Although I may not completely be in my right mind, I am in fact coming back around to just left of it. And that means that I will back to sharing my every stream of conscience thought with YOU!

Ahahahahaha! (Envision evil witch laughter. Yes, that’s what I did)

So are you ready? Will you be back?

I know I will!



2 thoughts on “No matter where I go, I keep my heart and soul in the Boondocks…

  1. Funny thing. I was just thinking that I had not seen a blog report in quite a long time but thought maybe I just wasn’t paying attention!

    Hey, you could the New Year one with those quick and simple recipes for Layered Taco Dip and Layered Salsa and Quacamole thingy…or whatever the Atlaian Shrug permits….

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