A canning we will go…

Because of the approaching hurricane my husband’s wonderful grandmother insisted that I remove my potentially ready tomatoes to avoid total loss.

So this is what my window sill looked like as a result….imageKinda cute. Kinda green. Kinda interesting as I played the wait game for them to ripen.

Then finally, as if a super hero had been whizzing through, they were ready!

So the ‘Maters and I went to Gramma D’s for a 101 in canning.

As you can see from the following photos it was a success! Truly, beyond success. I am now in love with canning and just did it again with my next batch. I cannot be stopped! Bring on the apocalypse, I’m ready!image

I just recently used a jar of my tomatoes for sauce and I have to say, there is nothing as tasty as your own canned tomatoes! Plus there are really cute on the vintage table in my kitchen. Just saying 😉

I’ll talk with y’all soon, as long as I am not canning!








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