Blueberries and Irene, a true story of wind, rain and two pints of blueberries

Irene made me do it. Forced indoors all day by the inland path of Hurricane Irene, I was bound by the pj, snuggle, rainy day rules to make some sort of baked treat. In walked Paula Deen’s Blueberry Skillet Cake. image


Yes, it was delicious. We are now the biggest friends because:

1. It tastes sweet and carby and yummy

2. It requires almost no work

3. It can be reheated and paired with vanilla ice cream for a late night snack. I speak from experience.

imageI still had a slew of blueberries left over so I went on to make streudel topped batch of homemade blueberry muffins.

Not to be outdone by my emerging culinary talents, B made a terrific pot of spicy venison stew with garlic bread. Damn him and his effortless cooking skills! It was fantastic and perfect for a rainy day at home.

So that was the Boondock Irene day. Filled down limbs, wind gusts, blueberry baked goods and venison stew. If only all storms were so tasty!



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