I doubted Louisiana, and I was wrong

I admit it. I was wrong.

For years I have watched many a Southern movie set in the lovely state of Louisiana. In almost all of those movies somehow they bring out big, honking plates of crawfish. And in everyone of those movie moments I have thought, “yeah, right, I’m sure those disgusting little wannabe lobsters are awesome.”


I think it was mostly due to the fact that I really can’t get a hold of eating something that still has eyeballs. I realize this is very hypocritical of me since most things I eat had eyes at some point. Ewe. That thought just completely washed over me. Excuse me.image

Do you see what I am saying about the eyeballs? How can you go through with the consumption process while looking into the eyes of your victim. It seems really Hannibal Lector and there is no amount of chianti that will make it ok.

imageThat said, B and I decided on a whim at the fish market that maybe it was time we gave these Louisiana cajun flavored wannabes a try. So we bought 4. Not too many that if we hated them we wasted but enough to give it an honest try.

I could not deal with the actual handling of the crawfish and the removing of the shell. I ate my tail meat sans crawfish exoskeleton visibility. And it was awesome. I mean truly fantastic. As in way better than shrimp. Exactly.

Not only did I survive, we went on to actually craft a crawfish meal the next night.

This is where things got a little murky. The recipe called for cooked, peeled and de-veined  crawfish tails. Apparently in the South this is not a problem. Grocery stores commonly carry frozen bags of crawfish tail meat.

I am here to tell you that in the North this is not so. There are frozen bags of cooked crawfish but none that are peeled and de-veined.

Enticed by husband’s crawfish excitement I decided to go ahead and purchase the frozen bag of crawfish to make the great dish we had just seen on the new Food Network app I downloaded that morning. (the app is totally worth it by the way)

What I hadn’t fully thought through was that I may be enlisted to help with the peeling and de-veining of our evening cuisine. That was a mistake. It put me face to face with my prey.

“I’ll give you the less icky task of de-veining,” my husband said.

“Less icky? I think you might be confused on just who it is you are married to. Less icky is just icky with a lie in front of it. Let’s just call it what it is, vile and beneath me. How far I have fallen…”

And so I de-veined the crawfish tails.

And while I may have lived, I shall never be the same.

Despite all this horror it was wildly worth it. I am hooked and give my greatest apologies to the great state of Louisiana. You were right, they are the best!



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