I’m making bread and no one can stop me


This lovely little site has led me to believe that I can make bread. At home. By myself. Without buying a machine.

Are they for reals?

I’m not sure.

But I am going to give it a whirl.

What’s the worst that can happen? I become eaten by the blob? My bread comes out like the flat world we once thought we were?

No biggie.

But if all goes well, there may be other trouble. The curse of having warm, fresh bread at your fingertips when you are a known carb-aholic! I am telling myself that if this all goes well I will be saving money, the environment and that I will be so appreciative of the time and effort it takes that moderation will come natural.

You think that’s a lie too?

I know, I have my doubts about my ability to control the beast within.

Adios amigos! And maybe wish me luck, but not so much luck that I become the blob!






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