Boondock Chic

Lately B has been working on a certain section of the lake. Which means we take the same route to and from work everyday (yes we ride together. I know. Aren’t we just precious?)

On this journey into the real boondocks I have seen this stone marking the end of a driveway, that would otherwise be completely swallowed by the green and nothing that surrounds it.

I happen to be very interested in this rock for a couple of reasons:

1. How clever to paint an initial on a rock

2. What a personalized and not common way to signal the entrance to your private drive

3. It very nicely makes you take notice but not in a way that detracts from the lovely, land of the lost, vibe that goes on in the middle of the woods.


imageAnd there you have my very real analysis of the best rock I have ever seen. Completely Boondock Chic!

Speaking of Boondock Chic, check out my fav Centsational Girl’s post on my type of Rustic style. It completely jives with my idea of what Rustic really means. And yes, I did just use the word jive.

Enjoy and Rock out!



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