Tomato Pie in the Sky

imageYum, huh? Yes. That’s what I thought too.

In last month’s issue of Southern Living , (you cannot possibly be shocked that I subscribe, have you not been reading all along?) there is a great recipe for this Tomato Pie.

I have a new love of tomatoes. Growing up I was a loser and was not made to understand the yum-ness of a great tomato. Crime, I know.

But since about two or three years ago I have come to love the red juicy fruit. I literally decided that I was going to like tomatoes and then spent the next year forcing myself to eat them. Eventually, the love sprang forth and now we are total friends.

So, with this new love, I am always looking for new ideas to incorporate tomatoes as a star in any dish.

Lo and behold. Southern Living answers my prayers again! Hallelujah!

So here it is friends! Enjoy!

Tomato Pie



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