Sweet Dreams

I have this idea that a life more perfect would exist in Savannah, Georgia. I know that this is not realistic. That life is just as crazy and weird there as it is anywhere. Nevertheless, Savannah is the place of my dreams. It is where all my fantasies take place.

I imagine taking strolls through the historic district wearing light, summery dresses while sipping sweet tea. Things just move slower. More genteel. Shops are light and breezy, with a fluid stream of people that are interesting and not hurried. Slow and steady seems to be the philosophy of the Savannah in my dreams. A life pace that I have yet to emulate.


Here in the Northeast we move fast. You have to if you want to be warm! Everything seems to be now or never. We even schedule time to stop and smell the roses. And I am the biggest culprit. Always feeling that life is something I need to accomplish. Striving, seems to rule the day. Maybe it’s because sun and warmth are such precious gifts here that we feel the need to pack everything into one sunny day. A picnic, followed by a barbecue which was all preceded by a day of lawn work and painting. Days off are packed with chores and errands and a squeak of social time.

I’m sure the same can be said for all of America. We are a culture that lives to work. We are always looking for faster, bigger and better. But for Savannah this seems to not be true. Time has just stood still. Traditions are maintained. Decorum is a priority. And lingering is a philosophy. Time just oozes by in the sultry, tepid town.

In my mind it is a warm, sunny place, filled with beautiful architecture of the past. Fragrant flowers abound, intoxicating smells from delicious kitchens and a salty sea breeze pass by your nose on my stroll through town. Outdoor cafes, beautiful shop windows and luxuriously long conversations are just part of the deal.

Maybe this is not the truth. Maybe they are just as driven, stressed and fast as the North. But somehow I doubt it. And if you know for a fact that my Savannah fantasies are wrong…keep it to yourself. I’m holding on to the scene I see in my dreams until I visit its reality.


So where do you go in your dreams? What place holds your fantasies captive?

Forsyth Park and River Street dreams y’all!



3 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. You are every bit correct in your image of what Savannah is and would be despite having never visited there. Wow! That is completely impressive. And let me add this (I used to live in Georgia and visited Savannah twice): The homes are divine and required to return to their original born-on colors of record if the home is located in the historic district. Back in the late 90’s it was experiencing a renaissance of sorts where small start up companies were moving into the once delapidated steel warehouses located right off the wharf and creating these gorgous loft/professional work areas. But here is the best part L, I still credit Savannah as having THEE most exquisite cuisine offerings ever. The food is just spectacular there. I don’t know why. It’s the type of food that you remember and compare to every place you visit elsewhere in the nation. The people are really quite provincial and the locals will let you feel that you are an outsider until you flash a wad of cash to show you are a woman of substance…I jest, but honestly, there is an incredible amount of wealth in the heart of Savannah and your entrance ticket to the show will require you to keep pace. And as for that pace, it is slower…but only because the heat and humidity are completely oppressive. It’s a natural consequence of living in the South and the heat, Lord Have Mercy, the heat! Oh and one more thing, you say sweet tea like it’s a couple of splenda, some ice cubes and tea….but the level of sweet that’s in THEIR sweet tea is enough to make your dentist spontaneously orgasm.

    • You realize of course I am having an orgasm of “I KNEW IT” to your response? Thank you for the confirmation!!! Now I must go! Because you are my twin, I trust you completely and know that if you loved it, I will for sure. Ahhhhh, dream a little dream…

  2. You girls are busy here having ‘you know whats’ over sugar and the likes – how about Charleston too? Hear they are only hours from each other – you could OD!!!
    Fill up your gas tank darlin’

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