Back to basics

My coffee maker recently decided, after only 3 years of service, that it needed to have a meltdown. Literally. It actually melted down on itself whilst not being on.

The losers at Cuisinart had no solution for this and simply said “that sucks but there is nothing we can do.” It was out of warranty. So, I am taking modest satisfaction in telling you that this…

Is an absolute dangerous and unreliable piece of equipment that could have potentially burned my house down had I not been home when it spontaneously decided to burn it self up. And further more, that Cuisinart will be happy to let your house melt down and do nothing to satisfy you except to say, “there is nothing I can do.”

Enter our new coffee love machine:

Medelco 8 Cup Glass Stovetop Percolator

“Is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m Feeling?” Sing it Bob, sing it!

Yes, it is love. Straight hardcore, howdidIlivewithoutyoubeforethismoment love!

For a mere $14 I have gone back to a place in time when electric was unrequired to make a pot of coffee. A place in time where gurgle sounds and visual bubbles let you know your cup of Joe  is ready…

I really mean…

But I would take Joe Black over any cup of Joe, anyday. I’m serial.

I am pleased to say that the misery that was the great coffeepot meltdown of 2011 ends with a happy love story of L and her percolator! This little pot of awesome has given me the best tasting cups of coffee I have eer made myself. Also, if you like it hot (and reallly, who doesn’t?) this is the contraption for you! True Tales of Cliftonia, I speak to thee on this point 🙂

I know. It looks antiquated. And you’re probably saying, “Didn’t we invent fancy new electric coffee machines for a reason?”

Yes. It’s true. This does require a slight bit more attention then the set and forget models we have today. But let me leave you with this…

When the Apocalypse comes, how will you be making coffee? 


Peace and Coffee Beans



One thought on “Back to basics

  1. Ok, ever hear of a French Press – it’s chic honey and so is your percalator (sp?) the taste is great isn’t it? I love those coffee makers – you’re cool

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