This is my baby sister Stefanie.

But really she has so many names.

Stefanya is my favorite, but Stefania, Stefaneeny, and Steff-o are always on hand.image

We spent a lovely afternoon this past Sunday just hanging laundry, chatting, making a tomato pie. It was great! There is nothing like sisterly love to make you feel warm and fuzzy! I am so lucky to have two beautiful sisters who love me just the way I am!

Isn’t it amazing how much you don’t have to say to each other? How actions and mannerisms are fully understood without explanation? No one knows you like your sisters. They just get you, fully and totally, with no strings attached! No make up needed, just hugs and kisses and some ice cream dishes! We had some great laughs today as she recounted her week to me.

See, there are normal people and then there is Stefanie.

You walk in a straight line and Stef just veers a little to the left. You avoid the pot hole and she falls in! People get food in their mouth and Stef seems to get it anywhere else. Buttons, laces, straps and zippers work against her (this I am convinced is a conspiracy, because really how could one person have so much trouble with all  forms of fasteners?)

Calamity Jane was one of her original nicknames and really it just says it all! My poor sister showed me her latest battle wounds from everyday life. A cut on her toe, in a spot that makes you turn your head and go “what?’, a possible broken foot and a work schedule that makes me grateful to not be 19 and working part-time jobs!

The best things about Calamity Jane, is how she reaches for things that aren’t there, grabs a fork when she needs a spoon, leaves her phone and keys everywhere but where she needs them. It must be contagious because I almost put the box of saran wrap in the fridge after spending two hours with her!

But she is always so sweet and gets my humor instantly! I love to get her laughing, it’s  the best!
imageSo thank you sister friend for a lovely Sunday. With no make up, no shoes, eating at the counter and on a kitchen stool. For hanging laundry and sitting in the sun. For eating ice cream and making pie.

I love you!



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