See how nicely the house now matches the garage? image

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is the progress I have made painting my abode. Day Four of painting has left me feeling pretty satisfied. I love that the ugly blue/grey that our home hath been is completely erased from view with each brush stroke!

Let’s just take a minute to see where we were:

Don’t be lulled into thinking the blue/grey looks okay because of my snazzy Halloween decor. Focus on it’s hideousness. And then look at the cute doggy in the window and the newly painted shutters and exterior!! 🙂


imageSo, it may not be the best paint job in the world. I admit. However, it matches our garage and allows me to look at my house with out vomiting. I call that progress 😉

One side down, three to go!

Wish me luck!



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