Frocks for fun!

In desperate need of simple cotton day dresses I sent myself straight away to the Goodwill.

You might be asking yourself, “why the Goodwill?” 

1. I needed to drop off a bag of donations

2. I live in the middle of nowhere

3. I was feeling cheap and lucky

The mission, that I chose to accept: 

Find lovely cotton dresses that could go day or night without spending an arm and a leg

I am proud to say, Mission Accomplished!

Here are the lovely vestidos that I purr-chased:




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All name brands and with original tags!

Pretty sweet, huh? Even better they were all only $9 bucks each!

The plaid one is just a cotton house dress for lounging in, I would not wear it in public, so quell your fears. And it was only $4. Major score for a house frau frock. The other ones all have nice detailed pattern or embroidery that didn’t show up in the pics. Partly because I am lazy and partly because I’m lazy.

So, next time y’all are in need for some quick and dirty deals head on down to the Goodwill, you never know what you’ll find!



One thought on “Frocks for fun!

  1. Brillant darling! “You’re so smart, you know everything.”
    heh? heh? movice quote?
    yes, friend, just for you.

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