Eagle Mills Cider Company

For Father’s Day we took my father-in-law to a special King size buffet breakfast at Eagle Mills.

It lies in-between his house and ours, so it was super convenient.

And they promised creekside dinning. What could be better for a woodsman and his son? Exactly.

Eagle Mills is a  really neat place. They have a huge craft fair every September. I had been to the fairs a few times over the years, but I had never actually gone to the Mill and just experience all the neat buildings and activities they have there.

What an incredible place for a father’s day breakfast.

Here is their spiel from their website:

Step Back In Time…

Our 100 year old water wheel still powers the cider mill, as well as our old fashioned ice cream maker. This incredible array of belts, pulleys and line shafts move apples through the mill, up the apple elevator, through the grinder and finally to our antique, knuckle joint cider press, where they are squeezed and blended to produce our famous Eagle Mills Cider.”

Yes. Yummy apple products galore! Plus they have this great track of outdoor activities for kids. Definitely a place for families.

Here’s a list of their activities:

• Eagle Mills Express Train
• Gemstone Mining
• Dino Dig
• Kidsville
• Ice Cream Mill

• Bakery and Fudge Shop
• Petting Goat Junction

The highlight of our morning breakfast was the petting goat junction.

My husband was simply in love with them and spent the entire breakfast trying to convince his father that he needed goats.

Bless his heart, he is a dreamer!

So for apple related fun, make the trip out to Eagle Mills!



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