Sad Sap Saturday

This is my life on a Saturday Night.


But I must confess, I made a rockin’ prosciutto and pepperocini pizza. It is absolutely my fav.

What am I even watching?

Please note the utter laziness of not even eating off a plate.

Clearly I am letting go of what little effort I had into leading a dignified, proper life.

“Years of academy training wasted…”

(I am not telling where this quote is from, you should just know. Ok, a hint. “One minute your defending the whole galaxy and the next your sucking down Darjeeling with Marie Antoinette and her little sister.”)

Recipe for a sad sap Saturday:


Husband working late



One store bought pizza dough

3 sliced pepperocinis

3 slice of prosciutto




Grated Pecorino Romano (I realize this sounds like an overload on the cheese but hey, go big or go home)

Watch season 3 of the Gilmore Girls on your laptop in the kitchen as you cook

Kitchen stool

Eat off the cutting board because really, I’m not doing one more dish

Turn around and realize just how sad that tasty little scene looks!




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