A desolate birthday

Lake Desolation. Not just a place in some horror movie yet to be made. And yes, it is truly desolate. And yes, that is it’s real name. The road to get there from our house takes us up a mountain and eventually turns into a dirt road for a couple miles. It’s truly out in the sticks.

Of course if you come from civilization, the road from Saratoga Springs to Lake Desolation is actually paved and quite nice.

It is a real and quite lovely lake in Middle Grove, NY that is home to one of our favorite restaurants.

Tinney’s Tavern



I shmay have mentioned it before, I shmay not. I’m just too lazy to look it up. Sue me.

It has such a homey feel, good food, and a great view! Plus, the star of this restaurant is really a pup named Tanner who takes your money and gives it to the bartender and brings you back a treat can for you to give him! I’ve handed over way more dollar bills than I should because I am addicted to this game! So fun!

Take a look at this news story about it, just so cute!

Last Thursday night Tinney’s was the scene of a delicious birthday dinner for the Best Becca the world has ever had!

Isn’t she the cutest?

We make the Mecca up to Tinney’s a few times a year for their terrific pulled pork, potato salad, fingerlickin’ hot wings and some homemade apple crisp.

We could go more often but then my arteries would hate me!

Ah, nothing like delicious treats with great buds out in the Boondocks!

Happy Birthday Bec!



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