Excuse me madame, your crazy is showing

And you know what? I don’t even care!

As you know, my husband and I are the proud parents of an adorable, loving, perfect angel. She is the light of our lives and we couldn’t love her more.

And yes, I am working on a serum to make sure that she will live FOREVER, because death is just not an option for this face. See?

Naturally I am speaking of the one, the only, Lucy McGilicuddy Margaret McVee, my Golden Retriever of not quite three!

I was scanning through the camera today and realized that we take an exorbitant amount of photos of this particular muse. Why would we take so many photos? Because she is literally the cutest thing ever on this earth! Duh! But what good are these photos stuck away in the bowels of the camera chip?

So, I am having an idea. “A wonderful, awful idea!” (The Grinch people, learn it, know it, love it)

I will make my husband a lovely collage of all the Lucy pics, in black and white, and have it transferred onto one of those stretch canvas things!

Sometimes my brilliance hurts. But just sometimes. Most of the time it feels completely awesome, like a perfectly mixed chocolate milk-shake on a 90 degree day. It’s that awesome!

So, to help you all understand the scope of this obsessive camera love of our dog. Here is a taste of the photographic trove that am harboring!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 “Isn’t she just the cutest hing you’ve ever seen!”

(Sally, Charlie Brown Christmas. He has been changed to She to make it appropriate for this post)

You watched they whole thing didn’t you? I know, it’s riveting. How I am able to break away to write this post I will never know.

But now. Now you know just how crazy we are.

I am trusting you be the bestest of friends and speak nothing of this crazy until I am dead, or famous. Whichever happens first.

Reporting from the front line of Lucy love






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