Boondock Pride

Great Camp Sagamore is featured in this month’s Martha Stewart Living Issue in an article called “Cabin Class.” Hmmm, some of you are giving me this look. A look that says, “yeah, so?” SOOOOOOO, it is only the most awesome Boondock mecca!

It is the epitome of Boondock chic in our neck of the woods. I literally drool every time I see these photos!

This Great Camp is really what has defined “Adirondack Style.” And thus is in someway responsible for my husband’s carpentry job, as most of the Sacandaga Lake clientele are forever trying to imitate the feel and look of this National Historic Landmark. Thank you W.W. Durant and Mr. Alfred Vanderbilt, my husband makes me the money because of your vision and style! Bless your long forgotten hearts!

I sometimes wonder if the clients are aware of the originator of their Adirondack style. Of course, I am not aware of the originator of my beloved espadrille sandals, so who am I to say!

If you have never seen or heard of Great Camp Sagamore prepare to be amazed!

For more photos of this amazing compound visit their website at

Here is the intro from their website, to give ya a little taste of  this wonderful Adirondack treasure!

“Welcome to Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks at Raquette Lake, NY.  Our 27 authentic National Historic Landmark designated buildings were the wilderness estate of the Vanderbilt family from 1901-1954.  We are open to the public for accommodations and tours (video)from Memorial Day until mid-October.   Check for availability for a relaxing weekend, retreat, family event or a Road Scholar course.  OurGrands Camp sessions in summer are nationally acclaimed. 

Dedicated to the enjoyment of education, interpretation & historic preservation, Great Camp Sagamore is not a hotel, it is a bit of history.  Register today to win a free weekend ‘Simply Sagamore Stay‘.”

I was really pleased to see this Great Camp featured in Martha’s magazine. It’s like she writes just for me sometimes, it’s like we are twins. Ok, maybe twins is an overstatement since I am clearly a pauper compared to her horse stable alone. But in spirit we are twins. We love cleaning, and order, lovely things and country life. Other than the lying and jail time we are clearly on the same page 😉

Anyways, back to the Boondock story at hand. Camp Sagamore, once the private playground of the Vanderbilt family and a prize piece of Gilded Age history, now serves a more public life. Sagamore is available for overnight stays, tours, retreats, family reunions and is host to many wonderful workshops and courses. One near and dear is the Arts and Healing retreat that my “other mother” is a vibrant part of organizing!

So, if you’re in the Adirondacks this summer, consider this a stop on your travels. And for those too far away, pick up this month’s Martha Stewart Living and soak up the best of our Boondock luxury!



One thought on “Boondock Pride

  1. You and Martha twins? OMG Lauren you are so cute and young! Martha has mucho talent but she is so tightly wound girl…You have twin sensibilities – how’s that! Love the photos – love that style – there is a fabulous Adirondack store up in Lake Placid that is like walking through clover – smells like pine has great stuff – a little pricey but easy on the Adirondack eyes 🙂

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