Lord knows I am not a parent, nor am I looking to become one.

But as a woman, I have always been interested in the duality of roles that motherhood and family bring to women. In college I studied many gender courses, tracked Latin American and American feminism, and found that all of it was beyond interesting, and really it’s just plain complicated.

No longer a student I find myself engaging in women’s studies differently today. Blog’s have been some of the most interesting case studies into what the ideals and reals of being a mother and woman means to American women today. As with all things American, the women of the blogsphere are as varied as they are plentiful. Cloverlane and MOGD are my favorites and are as different in style as you can get. But the underlying theme that makes me love both is their honesty. Sometimes images of perfection are inspiring but often lead to feelings of inadequacy for readers. These women have been able to take an honest approach to their feelings as mothers and how as women they are dealing with the multitudes of challenges that modern motherhood throws at you.

On that note, I was intrigued by the NY Times Parenting Blog:  Motherlode, Adventures in Parenting. Today’s post was introducing the Motherlode Book Club. Their first read will be,  “Torn: True Stories of Kids, Career & the Conflict of Modern Motherhood,” by Samantha Parent Walravens.

Reading the blog post I was reminded of how difficult and challenging feminism in America is for mothers. The book looks so very interesting, even for a non-mother. I think it is worth checking out the blog and book if these types of topics interest you.

So you mother readers out there, what are your thoughts? What types of blogs or books or shows are you relating to? What is real and what is ideal? I’d love to know!




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