Memorial Weekend in Review

Rainbows and happy thoughts. That was Monday before Memorial Day. Back when I was thinking that I would have a cookout, cleaning out the garage and maybe some shopping.

Ok, so almost all of that did happen except it was preceded by my husband and I both getting some serious sickness and being homebound and doped up for the Thursday and Friday of our Memorial Day. Ewe and yuck. Soar throats, fevers and snuffy faces are super annoying when you are finally experiencing 80 degree sunshine days!

To top off the sick-fest, Thursday night we had some awful storms with strobe-lightning that produced 3 fallen trees in our yard. Big fun watching your sick, “I have a double ear infection and am off balance husband”, wield a chainsaw to clean it up. He survived and proceeded to enlist me to help haul the limbs to the woods. No rest for the weary. On the plus side the back of our property will have a little more sunshine for our gardens.

Making things all the better, my doctor misdiagnosed me and by Saturday night I was at the ER with a clear ear infection as well. BTW the main ear of pain is still trying to kill me after 3 days of antibiotics. Double not fun!

However, we also were showered with feel good food from fam and friends. There was Gram’s chicken soup and then there was the best medicine a girl could ask for.

BFF Bec made us homemade, lemon raspberry cheesecake with a honey graham cracker crust! Swoon!

Who knew being sick could be so sweet?

So all in all, it turned out to be a decent, if not slightly altered, version of rainbows and butterflies Memorial Day weekend!



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