Lilac and lovely

My house is a little piece of heaven right now.

I have fresh cut Lilacs in my bedroom and dinning room.


Walking into each room gives me this brief moment where I actually pause.

As in I do not keep running from task to task.

I stop and smell the Liliacs!

I’m huge clever, huh?

What an amazing bitty little flower.

It has such a powerful scent. I love as it wafts into my nose.

It is exactly what I need to help me decompress and enjoy my little lovely life!

It’s little things like Lilacs that make me so happy to live  in a  rural area.

I forget how the cities don’t have the luxury of space for large bountiful plants.

I love looking out at my yard from the kitchen window and seeing all the green.

It is so lush and dark.

I am lucky enough to have three lilac bushes, dark and light purple.

Dark is my fav, but don’t tell the others, ‘kay?

I love the Lilac and cherry trees by my driveway too.

It’s so sweet to get out of the car and be hit by a wall of lilac smells!

Bless Spring’s  little Boondock heart!



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