Isn’t she the prettiest of them all?

This is my bebe.

Baby sister that is!

This year was her Junior Prom. A huge moment in the life of every dreamy girl. But this particular femme has been living for this moment her since time can remember. In fact, when picking up her Prom Dress she said, ” I have been waiting for this my whole life!”

As you can see, my husband and I are huge fans of our special Pea Pod girl!

Little L has practiced her princess wave since the first time her fingers could hold together long enough! It was a great joy to see her walk across the stage for the Prom walk, knowing that each minute was pure happiness!

She is smart and driven, beautiful and talented. So much to be proud of. I am so glad that she enjoyed her princess moment! Lord knows we don’t have enough of them!

She is the best pea pod I could ever love! 😉


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