This week in the Northeast

Rain. And by that I mean R_A_I_N! As in, it will never stop. I know this to be true, Paul Caiano of WNYT told me.

Okay, so maybe not like me personally but rather through our one sided communication portal, the TV. Small technicality.

Anyways, the truth is that here in the Boondocks were are rain bound for a 2 week stretch. Not fun, not pleasant, and making me very sleepy. It’s like winter only yuckier and muddy. And we know how I feel about that! That means this week I will be working, sleeping, wishing I was sleeping, and then cursing the weather Gods for ruining all of my adorable outfit plans.

Please join me in prayer…

Dear Weather Lord,

Bless all the poor and unfortunate souls and send us some sunshine and 80 degree weather. I have the cutest dresses that you really just can’t wait to see. Promise I’ll do good for humanity and everything, if I could just be in sunshine. Kay? Glad we had this chat.

P.S. Big fan of the blue skies too, just sayin’ 🙂



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