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I know. But you told me not to talk about “she who shall not be named” so I have to chat about what I do with the rest of my time.

I clean.

I cook.

I shop.

I walk my dog.

I work.

I hang with friends

and then

I try to learn and do better

So rather than post endless pictures of the most adorable dog that ever lived I signed up for this and many other things like it. And I think you should too. Or something equally as meaningful. Take a minute and think about something that is an important issue for you and make a small step to help see change to that issue.

For me, food is one of those  issues. We chatted about this little documentary, Food Inc. remember? I’m fascinated with the whole deal and would love to see changes made to our national issues around food production, education and consumption.  Why? Cause the apocalypse is coming and I’d like to avoid it. Or just be able to lead a healthy life of my own design. Tomato Tomahto. I also follow education issues and chatted with you about it concerning the documentary, Waiting for Superman.

So, along with my reading I like to not only become informed but to also participate in any small way. I do not have the luxury of time and money but I do have a vote and a choice. And whenever possible I like to exercise those both.

I sign a petition (after looking into its legitimacy and trajectory) or buy a local apple, or plant a tree. I’m not a perfect participant. I still eat the occasional French fry and I don’t buy all organic groceries (cause I’m not made of money). But when I have the ability to make a choice, I ‘d like to be prepared to make the right one for me.

Whatever issue maybe close to you, check out Take Part. It’s a great opportunity to become involved at your own pace.



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