My friends, the sun is here

I saw it. I walked in it. I broke my gramz out of her nursing home and made her sit outside in it.

And like all, true Northerners, I over did it and forgot to enjoy my sun worshiping.

I was so excited and motivated that I literally did everything humanly possible around my house outside because of the insta-panic that I would never have the chance again!

I transplanted my seedlings, planted the Wisteria by the concrete-wall-o-ugly in the back yard. Trimmed the lilac bush, raked (a little), picked up dog poop, went for a quick walk with B and Lucy and ate dinner. All from the hours of 5pm-8pm when the sun decided to go away!

But fear not my friends, it is back today. For how long, I don’t know. But I am going to find a way to enjoy it! I’ve got to mister!



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