Skeeter Creek

Back to our Boondock roots.

A few weeks ago the Hubby and I spent an amazing evening at our favorite local spot, 1854 Pub and Eatery aka The Broadalbin Hotel. Like all things rural this place is known by its former and current names. That’s just how we roll.

I started out the night a little earlier with a local wine club. Two glasses of Pinot Noir and lots of gabbing later the hubby and buddies joined us and we all headed into the ballroom for Skeeter Creek.

And yes that is their real name.

And yes this is how Boondock we are.

They are a great local band that plays contemporary country music. My husband first saw them when they opened for David Allan Coe out at Northern Lights. If you don’t know who that is, see here. Way country, not for those new to the ‘Docks.

B enjoyed them more that the main act! And he was surprised when he realized one of the band members lived on our street. Small world friends, small world.

It was a night of food, drinks, dancing and just plain FUN!

I would show you pictures but really, I want to keep my job, so that will be a negative on blog land photo fun.

What I can tell you is that this restaurant and band are two of my local favs!



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