you realize Easter is tomorrow

And this is what I woke up to…

It pains me to have to show you these, as it is April 23. The day before Easter. You know, Easter? Pastel dresses and white shoes? Outdoor egg hunts and the time of year when there are spring flowers? Are you familiar? Because it seems that here in the ‘Docks we are just a little forgetful.

Me and spring. I guess we are not ready to start something serious. Sure we flirted a little this month. Take yesterday for instance. BFF SWS and I spent the mid-morning drinking coffee and sitting outside on the back patio in the sun whilst I hung clothes on the line. Granted, we were both wearing one of my husband’s fleece jackets but hey, we thought spring had made some progress.

Obviously I wanted to get serious and perhaps I got a little too needy for spring. I invested in ballet flats, dresses and light coats. But today Spring felt the need to give me the big “I’m not ready to take the next step” speech by leaving this at my front door…

I get it. Message received loud and clear. Spring hates me. We are not friends.

Sad snow tears



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