And I lived to tell the story

Every now and again my ambition takes a hold of me and gets a little unruly. It forces me to do things that normal mortals would not think sane.

Like replacing counter tops in your kitchen when your carpenter husband is at a race for the weekend.


And I lived to tell the story.

It started on a Friday night. After he left for a race with his rocking crawling team, Miller Motorsports, I executed my scheme.

See really, it’s not my fault. The counter tops were begging to leave! “Please Mrs. D get us out of here! We can’t stand your new sense of pretty style!”

Who could argue with a plea like that?

Plus, B is all go big or go home. So any upgrades to the kitchen are a no go, unless it involves ripping it out putting on a million dollar addition. While we may have style, we will not be coming into renovation cash for a few years. And L is motivated.

And so I took these:

*Please also make note of the hideous copper, arrow end pulls on the cabinets.

And with the help of awesome friends, made them these:

*Note the awesome new black cabinet pulls that BFF SWS donated her German strength and some finger flesh to.

Oh, and that would be the curtain that I previously wrote about here. Don’t look to close, you’ll see how not straight the hem is.

Can you believe I did all this in one day? And that B came home and let me live? I’m still in shock.

Carpenters do not take kindly to other people working on their homes. But after a panty adjustment he has admitted that it is way better than what was there.

“Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you. If your overly ambitious…”



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