For the love of dirt

Here in the Boondocks  dirt is a part of life. I have come to think of it as normal. But then it dawned on me. Maybe this is not so normal. Maybe I have drank some special Kool-aid. Tell me what you think.

B was away this weekend at a 4×4 competition with the Miller Motorsport Team (he is part of the pit crew) doing what he does best. Getting dirty!

Usually when the hubby is away I have a hard time sleeping. Something about not having him in the house makes me feel a little weird and on edge in the evening hours.

We don’t have a tv in our bedroom because I actually use that room for blissful sleep. But with the man away, I park it on the couch and lull myself to sleep with lights and sound. This as you can imagine doesn’t make for a restful type slumber. But then I found it. Browsing through netflix I landed on season 6 of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. One of my favorite shows from days past when we didn’t have Russian cable. I put it on intending to watch almost the whole season, well into the dark hours of the morning. But lo and behold, I was out in 3 episodes. Sleeping like a baby! My own ambien!

How could this be?

And then it came to me. I live with the dirtiest man in America! And watching Mike Rowe made me feel so safe and familiar that I was able to sleep as though my own dirty man was right there!

B is a carpenter by trade. Which means he spends his days in sawdust, dirt, mud, grout, caulk, paint, putty, concrete…you get the picture. But then, he comes home, changes and gets dirty again. On purpose.

Here in the Boondocks we are very outdoor oriented. Lots of living goes on out there year round. For the hubby this includes, but is not limited to, hunting, fishing, ice-fishing, trapping, hiking, camping (as in hike 5 miles and then machete down a campsite type camping), rock-climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, dirt bikes, atvs, 4×4 off road/rock crawling…oh yeah, and then getting even dirtier repairing the dirt bike, atv, 4×4 vehicles, gutting and cutting deer, fish and fowl, skinning and tanning…

All of which brings his “good clothes” home looking like his “work clothes.” Our mudroom is a very necessary and very confusing place.

But that is the Boondock way. I have now drank the special Kool-aid that has made me immune and allows me to think that being dirty is just normal. I’m even getting girty. That would be my own special kind of girl dirty. Inventor of vocabulary, I told you, Websters is callin’.

Y’all act as though this is not true! I have proof!! Did you already forget about my gardening? Hmmm? See? I even took a class on it and everything! So I know I’m doing dirty the right way. I actually am thinking about ordering worms for our compost pile. That is how indoctrinated I have become. Scary.

Fear not. I am still wearing inappropriate shoes (this is what B calls high heels to grocery store. I call it the perfect end to an amazing outfit, duh!)  and having pedicures while sipping lattes, reading Martha Stewart and dreaming of that trip to Savannah! You take the girl out of the mall but you can’t take the mall out of the girl!

High heels and dirty wheels



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