Dinner for one

Every now and again here at the Boondocks the Husband and I are passing ships in the night. Leaving dinner to be a table for one.

Usually I am extremely apathetic when cooking for myself. I will typically opt for a bowl of cereal or cheap-o Ramen.

Not tonight friends. Tonight I chose the high road.

I actually cooked dinner for one.

Here it is:

Whole grain Spaghetti One diced tomato, One crushed clove of garlic, EVOO, 3 chopped Basil leaves and S&P

You know how you munch as you cook? I circumvented that with a little salad as I was waiting for the pasta to boil.

and then…presto it was done!

Topped with a little feta and grated pecorino romano, delicioso!

Jealous B? 😉



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