Seeds please!

“Food, glorious food!”

Sing it Oliver! Ok, so obviously I am not feeling the hunger pangs of the boys in the Oliver musical but I am just as excited about growing my own food!!

Confession: I was a flower girl in my 6th grade “interpretation” of Oliver. And yes, it was awful. I know I was 11 but really, people should have known better.

After a community Pancake breakfast this past Saturday, B and I spent the day outdoors. It was the first amazing sunny, 60 degree Saturday since September and I was determined to soak up every minute! Part of my day was spent planting some of our seeds for our new garden! I sat outside and divided up cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, onions, lettuce and lots of herbs. My hands were actually dirty. I felt so pioneer! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but it was an awesome feeling of accomplishment.

Here are my little friends. Ready to start growing!

The gardening classes from our local Cornell Cooperative Extension have been really helpful in guiding us on the ins and outs of gardening. They gave us such great information such as:  how to keep a diary of what you’ve done, design lay outs, when and how to start your beds, how to compost etc. I feel so much more confident in my abilities because of their support.

If you are thinking about gardening I would highly recommend checking them out! Our classes were from a series for new gardeners. A two hour class once a month from February to May. Our last class will be on transplanting from pots into the garden. I am a little sad that the classes are ending, especially because the end of May is our frost free date and we will actually have our garden in the ground. The Mater gardeners are available to call and ask questions during their office hours but it’s not the same as seeing them face to face once a month!! Maybe they will have a check up class during the summer 😉

In other warm weather news. We also ate our favorite summer dish outside on this same 60 degree Saturday. Steak salads!! It was just the boost I needed! Nothing better than warm sunshine and living outdoors!



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