I re-arranged my dinning room awhile back. You may remember. It was a time of winter boredom and I cured it with moving large and heavy piece of furniture.

Yes, I am that weird.

After all was set and done I rearranged my wall art. It went pretty well, except one wall left me…ugh.

What to do, what to do.

I put in a call to the Bff SWS. Like a true BFF she swooped in ninja-style and kicked some decorating ass!

In less than 10 mins she put together an amazing collage of the plethora of frames around my house! Brilliant and cheap! A true genius.

Okay, now I know what goes there, cool. Now I have to hang 13 frames in a collage pattern with a lazy, hatetoputnailsinmywallswhenIknowthatIwillhavetomoveitbecauseInevernailanythingrightthefirsttime attitude.

Enter 3M and their velcro together wall stickies.

I can’t tell you how awesome these little things are! They have revolutionized how to hang pictures around the house. Not only are my walls hole free but I can now put pictures up where there aren’t any studs! Take that B!!!

If you haven’t used these yet I suggest you do. Life will be sooooo much easier!

I will admit I was a little skeptical at first. Could they really stick? Will they just fall down after an hour?

Here it is a week later and everything is till secure and looking wonderful.

I am in love!



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