How to spend your way out of debt without really trying

I’ve had an epiphany. What if everytime I wanted to spend money on a non-essential item I just paid that purchase price on my credit card balance? OMG. Brilliant!

As I was searching the internet, roaming over a clothing store site, contemplating a non-essential (but adorable) purchase, I thought, what if the $40 bucks you’re about to shell out went toward your credit card instead? My heart skipped a beat. Duh!! I still get the satisfaction of doing something impulsive but the reward of choosing good against evil? This could be fun.

So, I set myself to a little experiment. Every time I found myself ready to purchase something I didn’t need, I strolled over to my credit card payment page and made a payment in that amount. Cha-ching! If I was in a store, I wrote down the amount (Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub, $13) and then when I got home made a payment to my card.

And you know what I found out? I buy a lot of shit I don’t need! Whoa. And at places like, Target, Aldi’s, and Hannaford!  What was I thinking? In one week I paid my credit card $77 in unimportant potential purchases! Jumpin’ Jellyfish! And yet all these purchases separately were often $15 or less at their moment of desire. Orange extract? I don’t even have a recipe for that! What was I thinking!

This is huge (please do not use your Paris Hilton voice when saying that word, even though that thought just went through my head). Major. Why hadn’t I thought of it before? Why did I drink the Kool-aid and feel satisfied with making one monthly payment? Or believe that I couldn’t pay-off until I saved a larger amount of cash? Why! I’ll tell ya why…

The end of fiscal responsibility and a credit driven economy has created an ideology that debt is somehow acceptable. Normal. Everyone has it, right? I’m no different than my neighbor. We’re all in this together!

Uh, wrong. Bad cultural ideological shift, bad! (Finger shaking and a face of “I am not angry,  just disappointed”)

Generations past considered debt a shameful, unnecessary and embarrassing state. If you can’t pay cash, you just don’t need it. Plain and simple.

When did we give that sentiment up? How did everyone then seem to know and understand this and yet two or three generations removed and it seems like a foreign idea?

I need to know, when did we all start to go selfish? When did we start getting away with this lazy, self-indulgent lifestyle?

Let me know when you find out. Otherwise, I may be forced to research and write a thesis! 😉

Budgeting and Home Ec, where are you?



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