Mark it a day on your calendars!

Drum roll please…


B asked for a list of things I want him to do around the house!!

(Cue the TADA sound)

I know. The sound of my palpitating heart and the whoosh of me running to the note pad was so loud and so quick, that Lucy just about jumped out of her skin as I hopped over her to reach a pen! This was an opportunity not to be missed!

Where to begin?

1. Fix the trim on the stairs to the bedroom that Becca and I tore off when trying to move furniture. Not my fault, trim being in the way’s fault. I swear!

2. Fix that little magnet thingy for the right hand cabinet under the kitchen sink

3. Finish floor trim in the mudroom (which btw I am repainting this spring, Daybreak by Sherwin Williams, check it)

4. Fix taping on tub room ceiling and put in a wonderful new light/fan/HEATER fixture. It’s the Northeast, I need it!

5. Replace rotted siding section on the house

6. Find me a hot tub on craigslist for free (that works)

7. Somehow make a million dollars

8. A tropical island

Oh, the places he’ll go 😉



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