Loving Clover Lane

This lady is right on! I have been a big fan of Clover Lane for about a year and a half. Everyday Sarah is on point with a great discussion about domestic issues. She has humor, class and honesty. All the things that make you come back everyday to see what she has to say next.

Her post from Friday is titled ‘House Love,” all about loving your home. It’s part of her 40 days tips and tricks series. She speaks with the wisdom of our grandparents generation (something we have been rapidly losing) about loving and appreciating what you have.

“What if we just tried contentment?  What if we accepted our homes as they are, linoleum, old cabinets, tiny closets, squeaky doors, hand-me-down sofa, and worked with and learned to love what we have right in front of us?  I think our grandparents did this much better than we have ever done.  Most of them lived in the same home for their lifetimes, and took such good care of what they had, whether it was the “in” thing or not.”

“If you can wean yourself from the barrage of magazines, from the constant ideas and images, and pitch those catalogs, I promise you, if you stop looking out there, and start looking nowhere but your ownhome, you will begin to love it.”

Our American “the grass is always greener” mentality doesn’t just pertain to our homes. It also transcends into most aspects of our lives. Jobs, spouses, clothes, toys, schools etc. We are forever looking for the new, the better, the best. Unlike our grandparents generation were are bombarded with the idea that we don’t have to settle. Just buy new! Get the latest model, it’s the best! Slogans like these have permeated our culture, creating the feeling of never being satisfied.

Sarah is right. Put down the magazines, ignore the ads and appreciate the things in your life.

Thanks CloverLane! Every now and again we need to hear some common sense!



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