Perch Egg Pasta


That is a real-deal recipe that B and I discussed while he was cleaning some fish he caught ice fishing last weekend. Two of them were pregnant Perch with fully intact egg sacks. B was told by his ice fishing professor that you can eat the eggs. Seriously.

I was skeptical and whipped out the handy-dandy internet and searched Perch Eggs. And yes, believe it or not, MANY recipes came up using Perch eggs. Eww and gross.

“I am not eating this. And P.S. we are robbing nature of thousands of potential fish. I think we should release the eggs back into the wild!”

Yes, I really said that. And yes, I really made my husband drive to his father’s house at 8:30 at night to release the eggs into the pond.

Will they be fertilized? I don’t know. But I was determined to make that seem like a more viable option than a Perch Egg Frittata. Yes, that is an actual recipe too.

May your fish be fresh and egg-less!



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