When less is more

I told you I found my peeps!

The awesome blog, Home Ec 101, had an incredible post on the “Paradox of Choice.”

All of you that know me, know that I couldn’t agree more! Perhaps you remember one of my first posts was sort of on this subject. If you don’t, you can check it out here: In defense of less.

Too much of a good thing can make it overwhelming! This is why I like shopping at Aldi, where there is one kind of peanut butter, versus Hannaford, where there are twenty! Too much choice makes it harder to choose and makes the final choice less satisfactory because we are always thinking that there could be a better one. Mind you I am not advocating for no choice but maybe we could find a balance?

If you’ve go the time, 20 mins, watch this TED video by Barry Schwatrz. Don’t give me that! 20 mins is nothing, when it comes to broadening your mind and learning helpful knowledge. You know, it’s just as long as an episode of The Housewives of Beverly Hills, or Firefly, or Family Guy. And really, Which is better for ya. Just saying 😉

This video and his book, “The Paradox of Choice, Why Less is More” were highlighted on the Home Ec 101 post. But I’m putting the links here in case you did not follow my advice and check out their post.

Really dudes, I thought we were friends? Would I ever steer you wrong 😉

In all seriousness, check out the post and definitely check out the video, it is awesome!

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One thought on “When less is more

  1. I strongly contend that Firefly has made me a better person err browncoat. What? Not the point you were making?

    I was on the phone with another friend who cited Aldi’s in exactly the same context, only it was green beans and not peanut butter.

    I think life gets a little easier when we recognize that there are too many choices and that sometimes they really don’t matter as much as we think they should.

    Thanks for the linky love. 🙂

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