Piles and Stacks are not friends

Ever find that you have piles and piles of various magazines around your house? Some may have been living in those piles for say a year or more? And the stacks just seem to grow?

What is stopping you from getting rid of all those stacks? The valuable information? The decorative tips? The recipe that will be wonderful for your next barbecue?

Understandable. And yet not…

The piles and stacks are not doing good things for you. They appear like they are your friends but truth be told they are enemies. Holding on to their pile stake-hold they cling desperately behind one or two good articles. Pages and pages of unneeded info are creating clutter and eyesores on your counters, tables and magazine racks.

Solution: Binders and plastic sleeves!

Every month or two I collect all the magazines in our house and spend an hour with a cup of tea, an episode of Parks and Rec and scissors. I flip through and cut out any home improvement tips, decorating ideas, gardening advice and recipes that fit my fancy.

Then I slip the loose pages into plastic sleeves and put them in binders under the appropriate category.

I have one binder for home related ideas with dividers to keep the categories separate…

Then I have a dessert binder…

And of course a recipe binder…

This has been a huge help to keep all the useful tips organized and easy to access. Plus it kills the piles and stacks!

Eventually I will probably expand each of the home categories into their own bind some day but for now the one works. I also find that every time I search through I end up thinning out some things too.  Mostly this happens with the decorating ideas. You know how trends work, what was cool yesterday is not so today!

Pages and Piles



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