Snow Day Eats

“Trapped indoors by a wicked snow storm, L decided to take culinary matters into her own hands.”

Dizzy with indoor fever I felt the need to be productive. Since I had already rearranged my entire house on our last snow day (which p.s. was only a 5 days before this one) food seemed to be the only solution to the snow day fever.

I had quite a few hours to kill before dinner, so I flipped through the bank of cookbooks to find inspiration.

And boy did I! The possibilities were endless, the cupboard however was limited. Being that I was trapped by 10 heavy inches of white death, going to the market was not an option. Perusing a little longer I came to the baking section of my own recipe book. Lo and behold, there tucked into the pages was a recipe that I had all the ingredients for…Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

Williams and Sonoma may have turned up their noses at such cake but I knew my buddy Sandra Lee would have approved. It helps to have so many culinary authorities to choose from, eh?

And so I began. Mixing and layering, pre-heating the oven. You’re not sounding impressed. I don’t blame you but this is all I had to work with so, beggars can’t be choosers.

And so this became

And I was…Full!

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