I love the smell of clean in the morning…

I am in LOVE! L-O-V-E. Love!

I have finally found my peeps! Home Ec 101 is exactly what the world needs. This blog is amazing. Any questions on domestic issues finds answers here. My inner Theresa is giddy with home making glee!

Plus they are publishing a book! Whoo Hoo! I believe it will be released in early March. I’ve already pre-ordered my copy on Amazon, you should too. And if we share DNA, now you know what your getting for your birthday. Sorry for the spoiler but like you really wouldn’t haven’t figured it out 😉

Ahh. So nice to know, I’m not alone. It’s like finding my home planet. Finally, something to show my husband…It’s not just me! Oh, sweet validation, how I love thee. Let me count the ways…



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